Prince’s Trust: Day 42 (Thursday 1st June 2017)

Today we spent much of the morning thinking about next week.

I’ll be honest most of us find the idea of folder work quite mundane but if we want to gain our qualifications it has to be done – without qualms. Somehow, not that it’s important but I’ve been writing in my neatest handwriting. Don’t ask me how it happened.

We were then put into groups as some of us went to get resources for the activities we will be doing next week. Others were tasked with planning the activities. We were in charge of compiling a list of quiz questions. We made a good start but after our visit to one of our ‘Team Challenge’ places, we have to revise the questions.

Speak soon,




Prince’s Trust: Day 31 (Friday 12th May 2017)

Hey everybody.

Today was really intense, I’ll get to why in a minute. Worryingly it was so intense and knackering, I nearly fell asleep in the back of my supervisor’s car on the way back from Manchester – how embarrassing! Don’t worry, I didn’t fall asleep.

We went up to a conference up in Manchester. Before you ask, no I’ve never been to Manchester before. We didn’t get to see much of it (just the inside of a conference centre). As requested by my supervisor, I was there to produce the podcasts (did I ever get around to telling you about that?). Sarcastic jokes aside, being there and looking at the experience from my skills-tinted spectacles was a tough gig. The subject matter of said podcasts really isn’t something that I subscribe to. The idea of producing and podcasts are two concepts which I am keen to learn more about. So if anyone wants to teach me everything they know, I’m all ears.

“But you’re not supposed to like it Lex. You’re supposed to be doing a job.”

Well, yes, I know that. But what if I told you that Ash thought it was too intense for him as well.

“We all find things intense sometimes.”

You should have been there. It was tough on all of us.

I’ve a lot of respect for what they are trying to do in terms of their lifelong project. It’s just not for me.

You wanted that cheeky nudge I promised you yesterday? Google ‘Urban Shalom Project’ and ‘Eden: Message Trust’. The former is Ash, Andre and Lianne’s project and the latter refers to the conference we went to. You never know, it might be something that is right up your street.

I’m saying nothing.

Next week I’m doing that database I promised Lianne and editing chapters of a book for Andre. Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it.

Speak soon,




P.S. Note to self: Must use writing to unwind after tough day like today.