Prince’s Trust: Day 36 (Monday 22nd May 2017); Day 37 (Tuesday 23rd May 2017); Day 38 (Wednesday 24th May 2017); Day 39 (Thursday 25th May 2017)

Dear everyone,

The events relating to The Prince’s Trust have been sparse. Outside of The Prince’s Trust, it has been a discombobulating week which has left the nation reeling, grieving, feeling disgusted but great pride in how the nation has pulled together. For now, let’s just keep things relatively normal (whatever that means).

Day 36 (Monday 22nd May 2017):

On Monday, we all met up to focus on CVs and interviews after our work placements ended last Friday. I went along dressed in a smart trouser suit and shirt (obviously later on as the weather got warmer, I became rather soggy in appearance), because we were going to a proper place of work and it was only right to dress appropriately.

Some of what happened in the CV sessions was a bit repetitive so the most I got from the day was when it came to the mock interviews. Surprisingly, I got full marks. The only bit of criticism which you may have already picked up on is the fact that I am not particularly self-confident. The idea of banging my own drum is a really rather repulsive thought. There have been some who have suggested that if I can’t find ways to be self-confident, I should fake it. That’s something I’ve never been able to do, but I’m willing to try I suppose.

Day 37 (Tuesday 23rd May 2017):

Tuesday morning, I was told the news about the previous night. The worst part about the whole thing was that many of the victims were children. They were someone’s family member. It’s completely and utterly disgusting that some numpty thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to do something like this. I just don’t understand it.

My Muslim friends were horrified by it and stood defiant. it is clear that the perpetrators are not true followers of Islam (a fact we all know to be true). They kept on shaking their heads in disbelief. To be honest, I’m not surprised by their reaction nor our fellow countrymen and countrywomen. Clearly, we are a nation who take comfort in grieving publicly and in being with the community. We take pride in our innate ability to pick ourselves up and carry on despite the difficulties. In the end, this is what makes Britain (Ol’ Blighty) great.

If you wish to donate to support the victims’ family JustGiving page set up by ‘Manchester Evening News’, please click¬†here.

For the whole day at The Prince’s Trust we played catch up on our folders.

Day 38 (Wednesday 24th May 2017):

Some more catch up on folder work. Shuaib and I went to a lunch made for us to thank us for all the hard work we did on our work placements.

Day 39 (Thursday 25th May 2017):

There was more folder work.

Day 40 (Friday 26th May 2017):

We did a bit more folder work. We sat down in the glorious sunsine and I ate my lunch in a park 10 minutes from where I live (even tanned a bit which is so unlike me – I’d usually turn a nasty shade of lobster by now). We saw a play surrounding CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) and participated in a Q&A about it. I won’t spoil it but let’s just say it involved a random facebook request. From personal experience I know not to accept people on there who I don’t know, because I was brought up with morals and the ability to know right from wrong. Remember, if you’ve never met them don’t speak to them. Don’t accept the random facebook request.

That’s all the news I have to tell you about from this week. There won’t be a blog post on Monday as it’s a bank holiday here. Hopefully, there will be some more fun stuff to tell you about next week.

Speak soon,




Prince’s Trust: Day 31 (Friday 12th May 2017)

Hey everybody.

Today was really intense, I’ll get to why in a minute. Worryingly it was so intense and knackering, I nearly fell asleep in the back of my supervisor’s car on the way back from Manchester – how embarrassing! Don’t worry, I didn’t fall asleep.

We went up to a conference up in Manchester. Before you ask, no I’ve never been to Manchester before. We didn’t get to see much of it (just the inside of a conference centre). As requested by my supervisor, I was there to produce the podcasts (did I ever get around to telling you about that?). Sarcastic jokes aside, being there and looking at the experience from my skills-tinted spectacles was a tough gig. The subject matter of said podcasts really isn’t something that I subscribe to. The idea of producing and podcasts are two concepts which I am keen to learn more about. So if anyone wants to teach me everything they know, I’m all ears.

“But you’re not supposed to like it Lex. You’re supposed to be doing a job.”

Well, yes, I know that. But what if I told you that Ash thought it was too intense for him as well.

“We all find things intense sometimes.”

You should have been there. It was tough on all of us.

I’ve a lot of respect for what they are trying to do in terms of their lifelong project. It’s just not for me.

You wanted that cheeky nudge I promised you yesterday? Google ‘Urban Shalom Project’ and¬†‘Eden: Message Trust’. The former is Ash, Andre and Lianne’s project and the latter refers to the conference we went to. You never know, it might be something that is right up your street.

I’m saying nothing.

Next week I’m doing that database I promised Lianne and editing chapters of a book for Andre. Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it.

Speak soon,




P.S. Note to self: Must use writing to unwind after tough day like today.