Prince’s Trust: Day 30 (Thursday 11th May 2017)

Hey everybody,

Just like I warned, Karma came knocking in footnote form. I’ve spent an entire morning correcting bad footnotes from high ranking academics. No-one likes footnoting but equally no-one likes bad footnoting either. I can’t talk though, footnotes and I are a bad match, even when I was at uni.

I’m keeping busy with copyediting and also researching into the audio software in time for tomorrow’s podcast. Still not telling you exactly what I’m doing, but maybe tomorrow I’ll give you a cheeky nudge about the organisation Ash is in charge of.

I met Lianne, she works with Ash too. She’s asked me to do this database for her and send it back to her by the end of next week. Again, I can’t tell you because it’s highly confidential and let’s face it I’d be for the high jump. No-one wants to see that!

I love a challenge and am happy to get stuck in – besides which, I’ve been told there’s no rush for the database.

Towards the end of today, Ash, Andre and myself sat down and discussed the programme and how to use the software for the podcasts tomorrow. The last time I used it, I was still at school (around about a decade ago… brrr – sorry, that was a shiver going down my spine). My knowledge of how to use it is quite foggy (it’s like training a muscle, the more you use it, the easier and the quicker it is to pick-up). It’s still a work in progress but we managed it between the three of us – just about.

After the day was over, I stayed behind to do yesterday’s blog and to have dinner with the local community. Of course, me trying to upload a blog post amongst distractions, it never actually came to fruition.

All in all, a good productive day.

Speak soon,




P.S. Note to self: Must take more breaks.

Prince’s Trust: Day 29 (Wednesday 10th May 2017)

Hey everybody!

Today, I did my editing from the comfort of the local school’s hub, located up the street and around the corner from where I’m doing my work placement. Shuaib (another member of Team 125) is doing is work placement at the school, so we got to have a little chat while we worked. Albeit through a wall and around a doorframe or two.

My supervisor (Ash) and his colleague (Andre) went up to Manchester for a meeting about Friday. They sent me to the school probably for the company.

At lunchtime, I got to feed one of the lambs with two members of staff and Shuaib.

After lunchtime, I carried on with the editing and later I realised that our Team Leader (Kelly), would be gatecrashing (inside joke) to see what we’re doing and also if we were enjoying what we’re doing. I had a feeling she would be coming to visit when she started dropping hints on social media, saying how much the other team members were enjoying their work placements. My thoughts were confirmed when I heard her voice through the wall talking to staff and Shuaib in the other room.

When I finally got chance to talk to her, we had a long chat. I told her that I was getting a brain workout and probably fried my own brain at some point. It’s what happens when I work too hard (it makes my mum worry). Having said that, I did not come to the publishers for an easy ride with my academic background, and having to edit what I have been asked to is what I was expecting. The only downside, is that my brain is not quite used to it since I graduated nearly two years ago (in two months). As a result, I have had to make extra effort to focus and because it’s academic work and I need to look at it from a skills perspective.

Being an English grad, there are only a few things that irk me. One is dodgy English, two is bad grammar, and the third is bad spelling. All are crimes against humanity. I have encountered them all. I have also been warned about the dodgy footnotes in some of the stuff I’ve been editing. I’m expecting Karma tomorrow (even though I don’t really believe in it) in the form of footnotes. I’m just waiting for it to come and bite me on the bottom.

Have I told you how excited I am about the podcast on Friday? I’ll be producing it and although it’s all new to me I genuinely cannot wait to start. My job is also to find out about the software and inform Ash and Andre about how it works and how to use it. As they are blokes, I’ll have to show them rather than tell them. It’s exciting stuff and they are two really great blokes.

Speak soon,