Prince’s Trust: Day 52 (Thursday 15th June 2017)

Hey everybody,

The penultimate day began with showing family members my speech at the presentation. Later, I joined the rest of the team at one of the college’s, but got lost looking for them because I went to the wrong one. Whoops. When I arrived at the right one, I had to do the Maths and English exams again that we did right at the start.

I’ll be honest I was disappointed in the results as I could have done better. For those who want to know:

I scored 58% in the level 1 English.

I scored 80% in the level 1 Maths.

You might be thinking “Hang on a minute Lex, why are you disappointed in those results?”

These are the equivalents of GCSE’s. I got a B in both for my efforts (although don’t ask me about the maths one – I still haven’t figured that one out yet). I have an English honours degree, I can’t be getting 58% in situations like these. Looks like I’ll have to revise those english grammar rules all over again (in which case, I’m heading back to French class to relearn them all – yes, French class, because ladies and gents, that’s where I learnt all the english grammar rules). British schools either cannot be bothered to teach them or they simply don’t teach these grammar rules.

That’s all for now.

Speak soon,





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