Prince’s Trust: Day 50 (Tuesday 13th June 2017); Day 51 (Wednesday 14th June 2017)

Hey everybody,

As both days concern the same thing, I thought it would be best if I wrote about them on the same blog post.

On Tuesday, we spent the entire day rehearsing our speeches and a practicing a run-through. We were all really struggling to get through them and I wanted to help out my fellow teammates, but for reasons which I cannot disclose I was unable to.

On Wednesday, today we start at 3pm. By the time the group get together most have lost interest but they keep going despite it. The Team go to the ground to do another rehearsal but I had to have a break and stay relaxed. Why? I felt I’d have gone mad if I practiced anymore.

The night went well, although I realise now that I blabbed a bit too much about the ‘Before’ stuff than anything else. Everyone delivered their speeches really well, some better than others even though some asked to have us stood next to them for support. The nerves were still crippling in most of us – I hold my hand up and say I was one of them. I should have stuck to my guns and followed through with my plan to help the team irrespective of the consequences.

That’s all for now.

Speak soon,





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