Prince’s Trust: Day 49 (Monday 12th June 2017)

Hey everybody,

Back again! I know you’re probably tired of me but I’ve finally got around to writing up the final week of the Prince’s Trust. There will be time for reflection but for now let’s just get on with it!?

On this day, we had two guest speakers (one from a bank and the other from a transport company) called Seb and Paul, who came in to talk to us about presentations. When we made our introductions of ourselves, we had to give Seb and Paul something we wanted to get out of the session and an interesting fact about ourselves. I’m not going to go into great detail about what was said because most of it is private and I don’t want to overstep the line. The desires, however, were pretty much all the same: confidence. Unfortunately, confidence is the only thing that as individuals we can give to ourselves. If that wasn’t the case, I’d have done all I could to give it to the rest of the Team.

We spent the session trying to sell each other a whiteboard marker or a dictionary. No, I didn’t get the dictionary otherwise it would have been a walk in the park. Perhaps that was a good thing – there’s nothing wrong with a challenge. Something to do to step out of our comfort zone. Obviously the exercise was as boring as, but if we could manage to sell either of these things then we could most likely be able to sell ourselves on our presentation night.

The concept of the exercise was not new to me like it was to the rest of the group. The idea of selling ourselves and our skills as a product has been highlighted to me long before I started Team programme. The most recent time being when we did our mock interviews a few weeks ago. The session itself highlighted to me just how much the team still needed help with their confidence long after Seb and Paul had gone.

This last week was going to be a tough but necessary gig.

That’s all for now.

Speak soon,





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