Prince’s Trust: Day 35 (Friday 19th May 2017)

Hey everybody!

So it’s my last day on my work placement and I’m going to reflect a fair bit on what I’ve done – please bear with me.

I’ve finished editing one of the documents that Andre sent me. For obvious reasons I still can’t talk about it, you’ll just have to wait and see. The other document I’ll edit when I have time this weekend.

Whilst I still haven’t received that email I decided I’d take the initiative and google it for myself. I found out what to do and it’ll be sorted soon.

These past two weeks have gone by so quickly and so much has happened. It’s been mental, but the good kind of mental. There’s so much that I have been taught by Ash and Andre, and yet they have also given me the space to learn things by myself because I have taken the initiative. Here’s hoping there are plenty of bosses of organisations like Ash in the world of work and throughout the book publishing industry.

It was a surprise to learn that (according to ‘The Boss’ himself, Ash), I had been instrumental in pushing for the podcasts to be made because of my enthusiasm for it. What can I say? There’s nothing better than the idea of doing something new and unknown.  Here was I thinking that I had harped on and on about it too much for too long.

I’ve spent a lot of this past fortnight rolling with whatever challenges Ash, Andre and Lianne have given me. They didn’t think I was up to some of them, but I just had to prove them wrong, didn’t I? Typical Lexi behaviour.

However, it did concern me that I might not do a very good job with the editing I’ve been doing, purely because of how academic they are. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to university I worried that I’d be out of touch or out of my depth, but I have been pleasantly surprised by how well I’ve coped. As I pointed out to Ash whilst we were at lunch earlier today, there is a lot to be said for people who choose this industry – in particular those who write books for a living (fiction and non-fiction). The dedication, commitment to see the project all the way to the end, the focus, the time and effort that goes into such a large size project are all transferrable skills. It is mindboggling when companies tell me that they aren’t interested in what I have to offer in terms of skills, that I don’t have enough experience, or just not interested in me in general. If you want to be proved wrong just ask Ash, Andre and Lianne for the proof.

What do I have to say about Ash, Andre and Lianne?

First of all, it would be rude not to say thank you for letting me do work experience with you. I am grateful to you for the opportunity and I am glad you have allowed me to play my part and help out, albeit my role has been relatively minor considering. These three people are very understanding, kind and very relaxed which is ironic considering how busy they are and the fact they are (amongst other things) a part of the publishing industry. The working environment they create isn’t strict and there is the freedom to take the initiative whenever you so wish.

I have promised that should they ever require me to help out with more editing, I am more than willing. Why not?! Life is too short to pass up opportunities like this. This won’t be the last day I come back here. The door is always open, so I’ve been told.

Speak soon,





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