Prince’s Trust: Day 34 (Thursday 18th May 2017)

Hey everybody!

Whilst I was waiting for ‘The Boss’ (Lianne jokey nickname for Ash) to get back to base, I sat and wrote another 200 words or so of the novel. It is getting there. Currently, I am adding little bits to the characters’ personalities so they become more rounded characters in the reader’s eye – to the point that you could meet them in real life. To be honest, I have met them because they include little smidges of all the people I know and have met. They are dotted about in each of the characters.

I only did this until Andre replied to my email with work he wanted me to do. He’s asked me to do some more editing. It’s going well, that’s all I can say. If you want to know what I’ve done, you’ll have to wait until they are happy with it and it has been released as part of a whole.

Ash and Lianne have asked me to do some social media stuff, I’m still awaiting the instructions of what to do. Undoubtedly, I may have to use my initiative and google what to do but that’s not a problem.

Speak soon,





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