Prince’s Trust: Day 32 (Tuesday 16th May 2017)

Hey everybody!

Just a small blog post for today.

The buses were severely delayed this morning so I walked the whole way. Safe to say I was more than a little soggy when I arrived.

My task today was to start on the database. I had a slight issue which was relatively simple to solve. Ash wasn’t here so I took the initative and asked for help from Microsoft Office Tech Team. Both Ash and I are very happy with the progress I am making on it. As I am over halfway through it, I’ll finish it tomorrow.

Shuaib visited me earlier today albeit briefly. It made for a nice break from the work. Speaking of breaks, I made sure I took two more breaks other than just the lunch break (even that was a working one after I had eaten – I was writing up last weeks blog posts…whoopsies…sorry!).

Speak soon,





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Hi there! I'm Lex and I love to read and write. I spent three years at uni studying creative writing and english literature. However, just like other forms of art, writing is subjective and so many hold different opinions on different books but that's the joy of a good natter over literature. There's also much pleasure to be had over a good book, a constant stream of cups of tea and biscuits. For all of the American counterparts, biscuits are biscuits not cookies. I'm also a keen follower in egalitarianism and destigmatising mental health. I will be writing a few blog posts here and there on these topics but it won't be on a daily basis. Be sure to leave a comment, like, subscribe and share - and happy reading!

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