Prince’s Trust: Day 28 (Tuesday 9th May 2017)

Hey everybody!

Me again. Sorry.

Phew! What an intense intellectual brain workout of a day that was! Nonetheless it was my kind of day, I have to be honest. Whilst I cannot tell you what it was that I was editing, purely out of respect and the fact that it has not been released yet – so I’d probably get sued or in trouble (I’m not keen on either).

However, over these next two weeks of my work placement, I’ve been told to expect that I’ll be doing a lot of new things which the publishing company haven’t yet ventured into. I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about that either. But think along the lines of what a major mainstream publisher does but all done by a relatively small publisher (in terms of size) and you get the gist. They are hoping to collate everything under one ‘roof’ instead of having bits and bobs floating about on the web.

Tomorrow, my tasks are to continue proofreading and doing the copy-edits (it’s got a faint reminder of my undergrad days about it) and to research all the technical bits and bobs that there is to know about ‘Audacity’. I’ve used it before.

Speak soon,






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