Prince’s Trust: Day 26 (Thursday 4th May 2017) Day 27 (Friday 5th May 2017)

Hey everybody!

Thursday and Friday were welcome relief to a hard eight days of the community project. We had our handover at 2pm BST after we had all spent the entire morning cleaning. During the hour prior to lunch break, I fulfilled my duties as Team 125’s Accountant by filling out the record for expenditures. Since I can no longer trust myself with a calculator, I’ve followed my Grandma and resorted to mental arithmetic. It came as a welcome brain workout.

In the afternoon, we opened the building. It was a relief to know that we got it finished before we officially opened the doors to the public who came to see it. Unfortunately, the TV crew did not turn up that day although they were invited. The only reason for their absence was because of the mayoral and local elections taking place up and down the country. I know that because I saw they were in the centre of my nearby city on the six o’clock news. If there’s a next time, perhaps then.

Those who came to see the opening were chuffed with our efforts and rewarded us for our efforts. To be honest, if they’d have said “Nice work. Here’s some food, fill your belly.” it would have suited me fine. But then that’s just me.

Being so caught up in a project like this in such a short space of time, prevented us somewhat from taking a step back and seeing things for what they really are. There was no time for us to appreciate the fruits of our labour as we went along.

Here are the photos I promised you (the before’s are at the end – Sorry!):


They’re great, aren’t they? There’s a lot of talent and a lot of potential in this group even though most would choose not to believe it. Trust me, I can’t lie to you.

Although we were sad it was over when the keys were handed over, the group responsible for the building (Northfield Partnership) said we were welcome to return at any time. I asked if that meant baggsy rights and they laughed. It was worth a try, I suppose.

As for Friday, that was purely to catch up on folder work and then prepare for our work placements for the next fortnight (if you’re not British, it means two weeks).

Team 125 is all over the city by all accounts.

Quelle surprise! I’ve got a work placement with a publishing company. I have been told to expect everything but no idea what that means exactly. I’m excited and as for career options it’s definitely a plan B behind my novellist career. I start on Tuesday (tomorrow, as I write this)

I’ll keep you informed.

Speak soon,





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