Prince’s Trust: Day 19 (Monday 24th April 2017)

Hey everybody!

Another short blog post from me today.

All members of the group were at the project today bar two of us. Unfortunately, I was one of those who wasn’t there. There must be one of those 24h sickness bugs going around.

I heard back from Kelly who said that both herself and Mel were impressed with the press release. It was within word length too! I’m so glad it went down a storm.

I have it on good authority that the group started painting the walls of the corridors and they also started work on demolishing the kitchen area. They smashed it apparently (not literally, Kelly would be up to her eyeballs in paperwork – don’t ask, it makes for a very unhappy Kelly so we’ve been told).

Honestly, I can’t wait to re-join them tomorrow.

Speak soon,





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Hi there! I'm Lex and I love to read and write. I spent three years at uni studying creative writing and english literature. However, just like other forms of art, writing is subjective and so many hold different opinions on different books but that's the joy of a good natter over literature. There's also much pleasure to be had over a good book, a constant stream of cups of tea and biscuits. For all of the American counterparts, biscuits are biscuits not cookies. I'm also a keen follower in egalitarianism and destigmatising mental health. I will be writing a few blog posts here and there on these topics but it won't be on a daily basis. Be sure to leave a comment, like, subscribe and share - and happy reading!

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