Prince’s Trust: Day 18 (Friday 21st April 2017)

Hey everybody!

Just a short blog post today.

Today was a half day but this morning I got an inkling into the many hats I’ll be wearing for the next two weeks. We did a final total count of our funds raised from the cake sale. As Team 125 Accountant, it’s my job to make sure we have the right figures.

As Team 125 Press Officer, it’s my job to write an engaging press release to intrigue and pique the interest of both the press and the general public. It’s all fair new to me and to be honest, I’m doing my best. Most of us are pros at winging our way through life, some of us are so good at it that the rest of us don’t notice. However, there are times when we have to ask for help and as I no longer suffer from this teenage insecurity, I had to pick Kelly and Mel’s brains (or what was left of them, so sorry ladies).

I have a serious confession to make: I’m a chronic worrier. Unfortunately, it’s hereditary and it is at its worse when I am not sure what I’m doing. This is the first time that I’ve had a spot of the old chronic worry-itus syndrome during this course and I genuinely thought those days were behind me. I guess it came back to tap me on the shoulder with the reminder. Not even the entire group’s enthusiasm and optimism could keep it at bay.

The worry-itus comes when I am being hard on myself and all I want is to get the best out of myself. I always see that there is room for improvement, but perhaps it may be high time to change my strategy.

Speak soon,





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