Prince’s Trust: Day 17 (Thursday 20th April 2017)

Hey everybody!

Kelly and Mel always say you can never fully predict what will happen that day when you turn up at the base (no, I’m still not naming it) at 9am every morning. It could not be more true than what happened today – I’ll get onto that in a bit. Most likely, you probably won’t even believe me.

We turned up at our fundraising event at Tally Ho (don’t ask- it’s too posh a phrase even for me) unfortunately with less cakes than we thought we’d have and raised less money than we had set as a target. Our target for the fundraiser was £200-£400 but ended up around the £140 mark. Coupled together with the lack of interest as we moved around from place to place across the city made for a disappointing start to the day. To have ensured its complete success, as a Team we should have sat down and discussed what we wanted to do. In saying this, I take full responsibility for my share of the disappointment due to the lack of success with our fundraising event.

The afternoon came as a welcome and refreshing end to the day. The project leader for the next two weeks, suggested that we give the rest of the cakes (in exchange for a donation, of course!) to someone worthwhile. We hopped on a bus and headed out of the city and ended up meeting this person (out of respect I won’t name said individual publicly nor the place we went to) who asked us if we would walk their lambs home. I can just hear the punny jokes. Sorry but Mum already beat you to it with her ‘sheep walking’ joke (thanks for that Mum). We walked their lambs home, gave them a bottle, cuddled a hedgehog, a chinchilla, two lizards and met a couple of cockroaches. I know right, you and me both! If you feel the need to read this paragraph again, go ahead, I won’t blame you.

The day ended with a 3km walk to get home. Every day this week I have walked between 6km and 9km. I’m not complaining as I both enjoy and need the exercise.

Speak soon,





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