Prince’s Trust: Day 5 (Friday 31st March 2017)

Hey everybody,

Another relative short blog post from me.

I woke up aching from all the weeding we did at the elderly care home on Thursday. I made it into our base though. Just about. You should have seen me at lunch-time, there was so much lactic-acid build-up I thought I would need a Zimmer frame at one point!

The first thing we did was our first weekly diary in our folders. There’s another good reason for why I do these blogs! I was getting asked questions about what we did from everybody.

Then we did our Level 1 Food Safety exam. We’ll get the results and the certificate in the post.

In the afternoon, we finished our weekly diaries and went back to the college to pick up our college passes. It’s been a long time since I’ve been a student, I kind of miss using it an excuse (mainly to eat as much as I want – don’t get the wrong idea, I didn’t starve myself as a student).

After that we went to the city centre to go shopping-shopping (a.k.a. clothes shopping- my worst living nightmare) for residential purposes. Things we wouldn’t mind getting dirty: trackie bottoms (gym pants?), hoodies, long sleeve shirts and a pair of shoes.

I went and bought myself a solid pair of multi-activity shoes and then went home.

Sorry it’s been relatively short these past couple of days. I promise, next week will be much more livelier and exciting. Don’t forget to check back to see what we have been up to!


Speak soon,





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