Prince’s Trust: Day 3 (Wednesday 29th March 2017)

Hey everybody!

As I was playing catch-up with my two blog posts yesterday morning, it left me running a fair bit behind schedule. Whilst I was  doing this, the group went to see the elderly care home not far from our base, as tomorrow we will be doing some gardening for them.

When they returned, I caught up with what I had missed that morning. It’s safe to say the group held the two of us who were late, accountable for our actions. They were right to do so. We apologised and blog-post-wise I’m not going to make the same mistake again. Instead, if I can manage to pull myself away from the nanna-naps long enough, I’ll write them as soon as I get home. You’re probably thinking but at your age you’re too young for nanna naps. Well, when you choose to walk more than 5km every day like I do, nanna-naps are inevitable! Plus nanna-naps have been scientifically proven to be good for both mental and physical health, I wouldn’t have them otherwise.

The first thing I caught up on was writing 4 different potential career paths. I chose the following:

  • Social Media Manager
  • A published novelist
  • A literary agent
  • An editor/ manuscript reader in a publishing house

I also wrote down the recipe I am referring to is in the prior blog post to this, we’ll need it for the meal on residential next week. I’m so excited about it I literally can’t wait. I’m in charge of cooking in our small group, so I’ll be delegating tasks for the other two in our team to do. I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing – I’m sure I’ll find something to do. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

In pairs, one person was given a laminated sheet of A4 and the other a piece of paper. With our backs to each other and those who had to draw, our aim was to replicate what the person with the laminated sheet. I can’t draw to save my life so I let Gavin (the guy I was partnered with – more on the names update later in the blog post) down. Sorry mate. However, in the second half when we swapped roles, we made amends and I realised I am much better at giving instructions than taking them. Whoops.

Then we were literally made to jump through hoops for each other in two teams. Our team managed to beat the other one by a second.

We did a write up about all the different groups we could help from all the work that we did on Tuesday.

We discussed potential venues for where to hold our end of course presentation. Obviously the place that we finally decide to hold it will determine the dress code, although, I’m almost certain it will be posh. It almost always is and the prestigious-ness of the event and who it is run by calls for it to be a posh event.

We discussed and signed up to our job roles for the entire course. I have doubled up because there aren’t enough people to meet demand for how many job roles there are on the course. I’ve decided to take up two roles; one of which ties in well with the blog posts because it involves writing reports and makes my job so much easier. But there’s more pressure to deliver. The other is rather straight-forward and self-explanatory: accountant. Thank goodness for the unexpected ‘B’ grade in IGCSE Maths.

We had a visit from a construction company in the afternoon. When asked if any were interested in applying for placements, a few hands shot up. For obvious reasons and no disrespect intended but I won’t be applying for any.

Just before I leave you, more on that naming members of my group thing. Remember in one of my prior blog posts, when I told you that I would be asking my group out of respect if I could use their names? They gave their permission, providing I gave them the link to my blog so they could read it. We’re working on that at the moment.

Speak soon,







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