Prince’s Trust: Day 1 (Monday 27th March 2017)

Hello everybody,

Apologies for not blogging last two nights as promised. Fortunately for all reading this blog, you’re going to have to get used to my brutal honesty – it’s just how I am.

Let’s just get straight onto it, shall we?

Yesterday, I turned up late after suffering from interrupted sleep during the night, where I kept waking up at ungodly hours thinking I’d missed hearing my alarm clock go off. It’s so unlike me. I sincerely apologise for then and now in turning up late.

When I walked into the room, the group were trying to guess who were who from snippets of information that said person had written down to describe themselves. Presumably, it was to guess how well they knew each other and test their listening skills and prove whether they paid attention during the taster session.

Whilst I was listening to them, I noticed two new faces that I hadn’t seen before at the pre-taster session last Wednesday. Let’s just say, this course won’t be short on enthusiasm and high energy!

Next we moved onto writing ground rules for the entire group to abide by. Some of them are basic and we already do these things, however, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded every now and then:

  1. Use your common sense
  2. Respect other people’s beliefs
  3. Help each other
  4. Always contribute
  5. Clean up after yourself
  6. Try not to swear
  7. Motivate each other
  8. Be honest
  9. Dress appropriately
  10. No bullying
  11. Respect yourself and others around you
  12. Respect personal space
  13. Have good time keeping – be on time
  14.  No mobile phone use during activities
  15. Stay calm
  16. Get to know each other
  17. No exclusive relationship
  18. Turn up ready
  19. Be enthusiastic

Then we all had to sign it to make it legitimate.

Then there was the A-Z list of things we needed to take with us. It was meant to be a competition.

Then we discussed the advantages of working in a team and the problems encountered whilst working in a group.

Took down mobile numbers of the group so that we are all responsible for each other.

Speak soon,





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