Prince’s Trust: Pre-Taster Session

Ladies, Gentlemen, boys, girls and everyone in between, I have an update for you on my Prince Trust Team progress.

Out of respect for the group, I will not be name-dropping in my posts. Therefore, I will give you a general gist of what happened.

We spent the entire two hour session doing ice-breaker and team-building activities.

Firstly, there were the questions:

  1. What’s your name? LexC (pronounced ‘Lexi’/’Lexie’/’Lexy’ – you get the  general idea) I’m not giving you my real name.
  2. Favourite Food? Don’t really have a favourite food. I can’t stomach fast food or anything organ-related. Apart from that, I pretty much eat everything else.
  3. Favourite singer or band? Don’t really have a favourite singer or band. My family despise favouritism in the family and so, I’ve realised that it isn’t fair to not have favourites of one thing and have favourites of something else. You can shout and scream ‘Why?’ all you like, I’ve never had any favourites at all.
  4. Something interesting about yourself? My family & friends can give you a better answer than me. I’d probably say, that I’m currently writing a novel.

For the sake of this example, I’ve given you my response.

As expected there were people from all backgrounds, aged between 16-23. Awkwardly, I’m one of the eldest when in similiar situations I’ve always been the baby of the group. The vast majority of the group still live at home (2 of us have independent living arrangements). It’s physically impossible for me to do this course and live at home with my parents.

Favourite food? The majority responded with pizza. The second most popular was home-cooked. Kelly and Mel asked this question to ascertain what food would be cooked on the residential trip every night. I like the latter groups way of thinking. Pizza’s good every once in a while.

Favourite singer/band? There was a mixture of all genres from rap to r’n’b to pop to rock to heavy metal. To which most just said ‘I think I’ll just listen to my iPod/MP3 player on the minibus’.

Something interesting? As most are lads, nearly all gave ‘video games’ as their reply. Yes, mostly lads but that’s totally fine. Us ladies all gave different responses.

The second activity was team-building orientated. We had to build a tower using 3 newspaper and sellotape. There was a lot of encouragement on my part to get my group to contribute but they refused. It doesn’t help as a team that they did this, but as it was the pre-taster session I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. Why? I used to be like this when I was their age so I can’t really . There’s going to be a lot of hard graft on this course, it won’t be easy for them to worm their way out of the things we’ll do.

The last activity was also team-building. We had to use strips of paper and write words on them associated with The Prince’s Trust. I was in a group where everyone participated with word suggestions. We had to create a bridge between two chairs.

The only thing holding us back is confidence. First day at school nerves, that sort of thing. By the end, we’ll all be changed people – for the better. More mature, more confident, more experienced; you catch my drift.

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for another blog post from me about our first proper day. I feel like I’m preparing for my first day at school all over again (been there, done it all, and actually got the t-shirt to prove it). I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

Speak tomorrow,





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