Book Review: There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You – By Lynda Bellingham 

The Blurb:

“The brave story from a much missed star who has brought comfort to millions. 

Lynda Bellingham was a tremendously gifted storyteller with a rich collection of tales of love, loss and laughter and this memoir brings her kind heart, courage and emotion to the page in vivid detail.

There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You is a brave and brutally honest memoir about Lynda’s own battle with cancer, written in what turned out to be her final months. Her story is an affecting and at times heart-breaking one but it is so often laugh-out-loud too and ultimately the way Lynda told her life story serves as a great inspiration to us all. 

This edition includes a brand new chapter written by Lynda’s husband Michael about his love for her, her love of life, and her glorious final send-off.” 

Why did I choose to read this book?

Firstly, I had watched her on Calendar Girls (the movie) and thought she was incredible and hilarious. I watched her on a well-known British lunchtime chat show called Loose Women (the American equivalent is The View) and thought she was quite feisty. She frequently said things which were straight to the point, regardless of whether people wanted to hear it or not.

Secondly, I genuinely thought the book would be a combination of the above when I bought it. Also I wanted to find out what life is like from the perspective those who are suffering with the disease, so I could understand how to better accomodate their needs.

What do I think of this book?

Firstly, this book is a really quick read. If you’re interested in reading a book that is quite conversational, over the top in the way that it is written, and full of details about her charity committments involving the British Royal Family then this is the book for you. I’ll be openly honest and tell you that it wasn’t my cup of tea. However, having said that, it is important to remember that those who have suffered from chemo-brain aren’t likely to think logically or systematically when it comes to thinking or writing. Lots of tea and sympathy are required for getting through this book.

Secondly, there are some really quite funny bits, for example, the name of her cancer treatment is also what Bellingham christens her cancer. I would write it here but my blog might get reported for offensive language and might get taken down, but if you buy the book you’ll find out.

To conclude, Bellingham lays her last few months bare, even the parts you might not ever expect to read in a memoir.

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