Book Review: His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra – By Kitty Kelley

The blurb:

“Frank Sinatra has dominated the entertainment industry for more than fifty years. Even now, he continues to excite interest in his music, his women, his politics, and – most of all – his Mafia connections. 

Kitty Kelley, a celebrated investigative journalist, spent years researching her subject – interviewing hundreds of people, gaining access to never-before-published government documents, including Mafia-related material. 

Here for the first time ever, is the story of the real Frank Sinatra.”

Why did I choose to read this book?

Firstly, my parents had it on their bookshelf and I couldn’t believe they had bought a copy about him. My parents are quite liberal minded so I thought it was quite odd for them to own a copy since they weren’t fans of Sinatra’s either.

Secondly, I had heard Sinatra’s name bounded about but never really knew much about him.

What do I think about this book?

The best and worst parts of this book are quite venomous in equal measure. For someone like Sinatra and all of his misogyny, his cuddling up to politians, his ego-fuelled desire to be the best singer on the planet and have millions of girls swooning at every show, and his obvious mafia links, it is easy to paint him one-sided as a stereotypical villain. What most have to remember is that everyone isn’t one-sided. However, the above-mentionned are probably some of the most attractive qualities to a reader when they pick up this book because they want an exciting read. I understand why it could be, but for me it is venomous from start to finish and I doubted myself as to why I first picked it up to start reading it. My dad once read the first hundred pages and had to put it down because he thought it was so vile.

To conclude, I think Sinatra is a bit like Marmite: you either love him or loathe him.

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